Thursday, 15 December 2011

Done here!

Well well, it all went so fast. Four and a half intensive weeks culminate in this.

Proof that I graduated
We said goodbye to the chefs and to some nice friends we made during the course. As Chef Stril, it's the intensive course, people create bonds pretty quickly. Some people are continuing their education in Intermediate Cuisine in January, maybe half of our course, and others are going back home to their beloved ones. So, there was a mix of emotions in the graduation ceremony. Happiness from the fact that all of us graduated, sadness to know that we won't be seeing each other maybe never again. Lots of goodbye hugs, kisses, some people crying, lots of "I'll add you on Facebook", lots of promises to keep in touch and a nice graduation buffet.

I think I did pretty well in the exam and scored 35.14 in possible 45, but it's cuisine and it's a very subjective thing to evaluate and grade. In total, I got 72.62 out of 100. The 5th best got 73 so I wasn't that far! Anyway, I'm happy I've managed to complete the course and I learned a lot of stuff that I hope to use at home. I certainly have a lot of memories that I will continue to cherish throughout my life.

Erdem, Chef Stril, me and my too long shirt or too short pullover
It's over now and I'll be heading back home on next Monday. I'll take the rest of the days to visit Paris and relax. When I get home, I'll try to write all those posts in backlog. 

The big question now is: will I do Intermediate in 2012? Well, we'll have to wait and see! I surely wish I could do Intermediate Cuisine in January like some of the guys, but I have to go back to my regular job and my regular life.


  1. Congrats, I wish I had some bites of that lovely graduations buffet :)

  2. Parabéns!!!! Votos de um ano de 2012 cheio de mais projectos assim espectaculares :)

  3. Parabéns! 2011 vai com toda a certeza deixar memórias bem fortes.